How we work

We Bluevisor is aiming for opening new era of private banking service through AI/Machine learning.
Through our very first product HB+ AI Smart Investing, we can offer anyone to have their own AI financial advisor to boost their financial status
Unlike traditional robo-advisors, HB+ AI Smart Investing is highly agile, profitable and expandable
Our next step is processing Big-data gathered for HB+ AI Smart Investing to understand mind of your customer
and gain true insight of your business to achieve sustainable competitiveness

Our team

  • Founder & CEO

    Yong Guk Hwang
    • Serial entrepreneur, 2 times successful exit with US$2MM
    • Expert in machine-learning and SW development
    • 20 years of SW Dev experiences
    • 10 years of trading experiences
  • Co-Founder & Co-CEO

    Do Yeop Kim
    • Serial entrepreneur, served for the United Nations as head of unit
    • Expert in business development and sales
    • MBA / MA in Diplomacy
  • COO

    Jun Young Kwon
    • Seasoned Operations and Project Manager
    • 12 years at Microsoft and Nokia
    • MBA / PMP
  • CBDO

    Bow Rodgers
    • Group President of Sprint previously
    • Leadership member at Apple computer previously
    • Founded 6 companied
  • Developer

    Geon Gi Im
    • 5+ years in SW development
    • Computer Science
  • Developer

    Byeong Il Han
    • 5+ years in SW development
    • Computer Science